We have put together the most common questions regarding our products.  Below are a list of questions, click the icon beside the question to view the associated answer.

Are your watches waterproof?

Our watches are not waterproof however they are considered to be water resistant.  You should not submerge them in water or get in water with them on, ie: shower, pool, so on.  If they get wet we cannot offer a refund or replacement.

How can I change the band or face of my watch?

One great thing about our watches is that they are interchangeable. You can mix & match bands and faces to make unique and cool color combinations.  Changing out the band or face of the watch is a simple process.  When holding the watch with one hand, simply pull on the other end of the silicone rubber which you then are able to pull down the band – do this with both sides but BE CAREFUL around the side of the watch where the winder is located.  You can then put in ANY other color Reyes Co. Watch face into that band.  You simply put the face plate into the band by pulling on one end of the rubber again – you will be able to fit the face into the middle – then do this with the other side of the rubber band.  You may notice that sometimes it doesn’t look like it’s snapped in – all you need to do is pull on the rubber band on the side closest to the face and it will fit perfectly.  You can do this on both sides of the watch.  In a few minutes you can create a new face and band combination and a new colored Reyes Co. watch.

How can I clean my watch band?

First remove the watch dial from the rubberized band.  Then you can gently wash the band with mild soap and luke-warm water.  Do not use abrasive cleaners or brushes as they will damage your watch band.

Dry the band with a soft fabric cloth and replace the watch dial into the band.  Make sure to dry the inside areas of the band before replacing the watch dial!

Is there a WARRANTY on your watches?

YES, we do offer a limited warranty on ALL of our Reyes Co. Watches. Our policy is a 30 day exchange – covering any manufacturer defects. If you have ANY issues with your watch just contact us and a representative will get back to you in a timely manner and help address your question or issue with your watch. Our 30 day warranty DOES NOT cover damage to the watch that is self inflicted, improper use, careless treatment, or improper adjustments or repairs. We WILL NOT accept exchanges if your watch is scratched, if the band is worn out, stretched out, torn apart, dull, or if the batteries are damaged.  Basically, if it is our fault, we will gladly replace the watch for you.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life (approximately) is 1 year of total life.  See below on how to change the battery.

How do I change my watch battery?

Changing the battery is simple.  Remove the face of the watch from the band, turn it upside down, then unscrew the back plate with a small screwdriver.  Remove the back cover and then you will see the battery located inside the watch.   Replace the battery with a standard watch battery.

Are your watches Unisex? Will it fit me?

Our Reyes Co watches are ALL unisex and they are a one size fits most.  We have many colors for both men/women/children.

I want to sell your watches – do you sell wholesale?

We offer wholesale pricing as well as distributor pricing if you are looking to buy a large quantity of our Reyes Co. watches.  If you have a store/shop, if you are a wholesaler or are looking to retail our watches, contact us and let us know that you want to find out about wholesale/distributor pricing.

I live outside of the USA, how can I order?

We do allow customers to order outside of the USA.  Please contact us directly so we can provide an exact quote.


You should send us a copy of your order using our contact form.  We will respond with a quote that will include USPS First Class Shipping to your location.  If you want better shipping that you can track such as UPS or Fedex please let us know in your message.  The quote we respond with can be paid online using either Paypal or Square (with any major credit card).  Be sure to include your shipping address in the request.

  • Detail of items desired
  • Your shipping address
  • Shipping method, preference
  • Payment method, preference


The most affordable way to ship outside of the USA is via USPS First Class International.  With this type of shipping you assume the risk that we only have a Customs Tracking number and you would be responsible to track the package with your own domestic postal service.  Also USPS First Class Intl is NOT insured, so you also assume that risk.  We make not guarantees on delivery if you choose this method.  We have had good success with this method to common World Destinations such as Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, and others.  Contact us to find out your best option or for pricing.

Canadian Customers who ship via USPS First Class.  Typically the cost is $12 for 2-3 watches.  It typically takes 10-20 business days to arrive in popular destinations.